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A Tragically Good Time!

December 20, 2010

Titanic Game at Funstation in Tallahassee, Fl

At the Fun Station in Tallahassee, I was struck when my daughter wanted to deposit a few tokens into the “TITANIC” game (pictured right). For a moment, I felt slightly queasy. It was most likely the extra greasy pizza chased with birthday cake that I was feeling, but this game’s theme was not helping matters.

I immediately remembered seeing something similar to this about five years ago, a giant bouncy slide in the shape of the sinking Titanic, with children playfully slipping down the deck of the doomed vessel and giggling with delight. A recent article, out of Switzerland, quotes the owner of one of these Titanic bouncy slides, and he defends it by saying, “The tragic Titanic accident happened years ago and those emotions have been dealt with long ago. Now people are having fun on the slide and enjoying themselves.”

Titanic Bouncy Slide (Weeeeeeee!)

Can we all agree to that?  Is it all cool to make a ride out of a tragedy as long as enough time has passed?  Because if that is so, I’m about to make my millions!

IDEA ONE:  The “Twin Towers Free Fall”  is one of those cool little experiences where you’re in a harness that is attached on both sides to bungee cords, which are then also attached midway up to replicas of the Twin Towers.  Kids can pretend that they’re jumping out of the burning buildings.

IDEA TWO:  The “Pompeii Beanbag Toss” is played on a large game board of easily reproduced sand statues from which kids stand approximately eight feet.  $5 gets you 5-tosses.  If you completely knock down all the fearfully cowering figures, you win a plush stuffed animal!

IDEA THREE:  “Adolph’s Mist Tent” is for summer parties when kids need to cool off.  It’s great because it looks like a Nazi gas chamber on the front side, but when you enter, you are surrounded by a light mist that is refreshing and cooling.  (I guess in the Winter the misters could be replaced by heaters and it becomes “Adolph’s Warmer Oven”)

IDEA FOUR:  As many theme parks are expanding with a water park onto the premises, I’ll have the “Japanese Tsunamis!” experience.  It’s a combination slip-n-slide/wave pool.  You start your run, then half way across, your weight will trigger the vibration mechanism which increases its intensity as you slide forward.  Then a giant wave appears before you, lifting you off the mat, and washing upi back into the main swimming area.

There are many more games and activities that will be so fun!  Once all the manufacturing is paid for, I’m thinking about franchising the idea.  Stay tuned.

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