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ESPN College GameDay Comes to Wallstreet!

October 13, 2011

The news today is filled with theories, speculations and declarations about the motivation(s) behind a mass of mostly young people, who have come to gather in a privately owned park in the Wallstreet area of New York.
Members of the group yell at cameras, while others chant and sing songs.  The fact that they are all collected into one place seems to suggest that they are united under a single cause, but when the cameras point at individuals within the group, we hear very different reasons for their occupation. We see very different messages written on their signs.

While many on the “left” side of politics and media are timidly guessing at purpose while patiently waiting for a common message to be constructed from the group’s various parts, several on the political and media “right” have begun to offer criticism of this crew of rebels, claiming they have no unified purpose, painting them as good for nothing trust fund financed kids with nothing better to do.

I am reaching out to both sides of the interpretation in hopes of creating understanding for all.  I would have been confused by all of it as well, if it had not been for a similar event that recently came to Tallahassee, Florida’s State Capital, where I live.  The event is called ESPN College GameDay, and it’s the exact same thing.

ESPN College GameDay Comes to Wallstreet

ESPN College GameDay Comes to Wallstreet

During ESPN College GameDay, the cameras set up, and the fans turn out.  I suppose at first glance it doesn’t make any sense.  There is a guy screaming his pro-LSU Tigers message right next to a guy who is screaming his anti-LSU Tigers message, while right next to them is someone with a sign for the Washington Wildcats (a team that’s not even playing today) and next to him is a guy whose sign reads, “Lee Corso eats boogers!”  Some break from their individual protests to join a group who is unified in song, or another that is chanting defiantly.  While a vast majority are simply there because they want to be on TV and because one of the anchors who is covering the event is hot.  None of the differences matter for them, though because half of them are wasted on some substance, and all of them are just having a blast!

So, not everyone likes college football.  Does that mean that those people are supposed to deny humanity’s base need to hold up signs, sing badly and ogle at the hot news personalities.  Let ye among you who has not had these desires cast the first stone.

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