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Christians Are Irritating

December 7, 2011

 Top 5-reasons “born again” Christians are annoying and awful:

  • Their belief is based almost entirely on the way they feel, but expect everyone else to just buy into all of it and celebrate their way too
  • They all hang out together in their little groups where they sound like they’re each trying to be more Christiany than the next
  • When they talk to someone outside of the religion, they get all preachy and want to share their way of life with you
  • They’re always inviting their non-Christians to their little events and services where it’s awkward because they’re all dancing around, singing, hugging, praying and such
  • They flaunt all their little Christian symbols in everyone’s faces, displaying them on their cars and clothes

Top-5 reasons homosexuals who recently “came out” are awesome:

  • They know in their heart that the way they feel is right, and seek acceptance and acknowledgement about their life and community
  • They get together in groups of like minded friends, often sharing their points of pride in their community and lifestyle
  • If you are not gay and speak with someone who has recently outed themselves, they will offer to share with you how their life has changed
  • They welcome and invite all people, gay or straight, to participate in their parades and parties to celebrate their open sexuality
  • They are unabashed, and wear the rainbow and double gender symbols proudly so people know that they are gay

Many Forms of Pride

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